A La Carte

We offer specialized chat groups based on Interests like, Food & Nutrition, Pet, Finance & Investment and many more.
These groups are global as there is no city divide. Check out our complete list of Interest groups.

Friend on Wheels

A global forum of enthusiasts and world experts on cars or any vehicle on wheels.

Eat for Happiness

Welcome to a world, where you eat for a healthy body with a happy heart...hence a peaceful mind.

Doors to Oneness

Uplift yourself and others with positive and spiritual thoughts. "Let's Celebrate Life!"

Turning Heads
Fashion & Styling

Become a fashion Guru and trendsetter with the help of friends worldwide; spearheaded by experts. Avail yourself of virtual personal shoppers!

Sporting Spirit
Sports & Games

A group of international friends who are good sports and who share your passion for sports!

Prayer Requests

A group of warm-hearted friends to support you and your loved ones in times of need through collective prayers and blessings. This is TellaTina’s philanthropic venture as all proceeds collected go directly for social service endeavors.

Green Thumb

For all you nature lovers. Discuss and share your passion with friends world over. The grass that is greener on the other side is now on your side!

Head over Heels

Explore unchartered territories with experts to guide, help and share.

U-Dreams-Inner U
Dream Analysis

Join this group with an alias to bare your dreams to a world-renowned expert, to heal and transform yourself, with the awareness that will be created through his analysis. (Restricted to 2 dreams a month per member).

Starring You
Astrological Insights

Educate yourself about Astrology, led by modern & passionate young scholars… to get the relief and assurance that you seek in your life. "Scientific Facts...Myths busted !"

Foodie Doodies
Culinary Delights

Let's tickle our tastebuds! Share, ask, help, create and discuss anything to do with FOOD, with friends across the seas.

Image Consultancy

Enhance your self image. Transform your self-concept. Boost your self confidence. Derive positive energy from our expert.

Green Dough
Finance and Investment

A group to discuss Business and Finance with the best in the field!

Endorphin Rush
Laughter Therapy

Cheer up your day, with your laughter buddies.

Arty Facts
Art and Sculpture

Enjoy the fascinating world of colours and artists with creative minds like yourself.

Lime Light
Social Media Presence

Come together to learn, discuss and share about everything to do with presence/identity in the current social media scene.

Paws and Claws

Welcome to a world of unconditional love! Lets's put our heads together for our loved ones with tails.

Cheers! Burp!
Wine and Dine

Welcome wine connoisseurs and friends who enjoy fine dining as well as local delights around the world!

Bossy Ones!
Entrepreneurs & CEO

A global platform for all high powered individuals to come together and uplift each other by helping and sharing their knowledge and resources.

Frozen Moments

Photographs are our personal story, a timeline of our lives. Let's share and learn together to pause Time!!