A Circle of TrustConnecting you to a network of like-minded friends..
thus promoting Global Help Culture

  • A Circle of Trust
    A Circle of Trust
    Connecting you to a network of
    like-minded friends..
    thus promoting Global Help Culture
    Global platform of Interest Groups
    A private & exclusive platform for TellaTina members for marriage alliance

About TellaTina

Global Community

TellaTina is a trusted community of like-minded friends, globally, to share and seek helpful information of any kind. The beauty of the app is that one can switch to any of the available city options and participate in the local chat of that city for more relevant responses to ones queries.

Curated & Confidential

TellaTina is a strictly curated app and membership is by-invite only. Existing members can recommend a friend, relative, colleague or a known person. Our curation team will review the profile and activate if found suitable. No contact details of any member is displayed anywhere on the app.

Special A la Carte Groups

Besides the resource sharing feature, we offer specialised chat groups based on Interests like, Food & Nutrition, Pet, Finance & Investment and many more... These groups are global as there is no city divide. Check out our complete list of Interest groups.

Matrimonial Alliances

TellaTina Matrimony is our newly launched very popular platform for those seeking marriage alliances for themselves and their loved ones. To know more about this, visit our Matrimony Section

Cool features

  • TellaTina Home

    Home City

    Return to your city of residence from anywhere on the app

  • TellaTina A la Carte

    A la Carte

    Interactive Interest groups on different subjects on a global platform

  • A LA CARTE Join Now

    Recommend a Friend

    Recommend friend /family / colleague for becoming a member on TellaTina... Approval only after strict curation

  • Conversations


    Share feature to promote self / business / activity / upcoming exhibition / events etc

  • Find a Friend

    Find a Friend

    Look up other members subscribed to the selected City / A la Carte

  • TellaTina Matrimony

    TellaTina Matrimony

    An exclusive and private forum for members looking for serious marriage alliance

TellaTina Matrimony

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I was locked down in Mumbai and staying with my mom. Though born n brought up in Mumbai I have been married for more than 27 years. During these times tellatina came in real useful. I got to know about wefast, AC repairman, Homoeopathic pharmacy, etc. Thank you Chanda
Mrinal Kochar
Love tellatina - found a few classes and great recommendations for my travels here. The A la carte options are also very informative and fun!
Shreya Kothari
Thank you TellaTina team for this brilliant concept. This App is indeed very useful and well curated. Great going!
Japhia Walker
I find Tellatina (the app) very useful. Very personal inputs despite being an app. It comes from the positive and efficient energy of the team. Such an initiative should go places.
Premila Martis Parera
Tellatina has been so helpful ever since it started. Have used this app several times and has always been very very satisfying. Specially it has covered the major cities of India. Thank you Tellatina
Namrata Choksi
Tellatina has been a very helpful has so many well wisher members who are not hesitant to share details for ones queries. Whenever I have wanted any information I have turned to Tellatina and it has members who have always helped me. Thank you Tellatina for starting a wonderful platform, wishing the Founders lots of success for the future and extending my Gratitude for the App.
Vartika Dalal
Tellatina has helped me to become the bestest version of myself.
By sharing resources with fellow members,who mostly are completely unknown to you,is a totally uplifting feeling for me.
We often hear " We rise by lifting others " Tellatina enables me to do exactly this.
It has helped me achieve my goals in so many ways in situations where I was stuck due to limited knowledge and resource.
I never imagined that being in any part of the world,I could turn on to my fellow Tellatina's for any query or curiosity for more knowledge.
Thank you team Tellatina.
Mili Gajera
TellaTina is a wonderful has so many new features which covers a whole range of activities..there are so many queries we have which are difficult to find answers too..n that on the spot..but this app addresses them brings people closer..n helps in truly making it a global family. 👌👏👏
Alka Bajoria
I think Tella Tina is the answer to all our Queries !! I am really enjoying the app , it’s extremely informative and accurate and very useful , thanks Mridula di for making me join ,
Veenu Mehta
In this era where technology has both redefined and simplified need gratification and comfort, resource identification, sharing and matching has become critical, specially when the sheer volume of information can both be spurious and misguiding ...

Tellatina with its first hand accounts of satisfied customers helps cut the chase and find vendors and resources quickly , effortlessly and certifiably .

Thank you Chanda for introducing me to this for it has simplified my life and found the perfect sources to help solve my needs ..

What a refined and verified resource sharing initiative which due to its ever expanding participant base leads to quick and apt results .

Once again Shoutout to Chanda for starting this extremely helpful app. It has already helped us with our pressing needs and will surely continue to do so over long periods of time .
Himani Bader
Tellatina is the most amazing app. I can access all kinds of information in a short span of time. Plus it is information that is tried and tested, given by a group of global carefully vetted people. The new portals that have been introduced are amazing in their diversity. There is literally something for everyone. Great work Chanda. Wishing you continued success.
Kalpu Gandhi
Having practiced Astrology for over 25 years, rarely have I come across a medium as good as Tellatina. Not only is it a wonderful portal to get access to everything you need answered but, it is also a great space to have interactions with great clients. I can say this from personal experience. The quality of the medium, it's members and the assistance you receive from people you can ;trust; is what is the soul of Tellatina. I guess the stars were truly well aligned for this one. Great work Chanda and Team. Truly impressed and excited for this!
Kreena Desai
Chanda, what an amazing platform to source information on any issue, any subject & most importantly it’s so user friendly.
Congratulations to you & the team.
Dharini Karani
Life is give and take they say! And TellaTina proves that right all the way! I ask info, I share info and everyone gains in the bargain! 👍The app is user friendly, resourceful and keeps innovating! Kudos and big thank you to team TellaTina!
Ketayun Irani
Chanda frankly is a genius.:) It’s the most amazing app and I’m glad to be a part of it. There is no issue that doesn’t get resolved ,whether the smallest of queries to the most important issues. And globally too!
Now with these additional features Tellatina is simply remarkable. Bless you Chanda for giving and creating such a useful tool that simplifies and is hugely appreciated by everyone you’ve introduced it to. Keep up the great work!
Saba Sultan
When chanda told me what she was planning to do i truly cld never imagine the magnitude of what she was thinking of 👍from a resourse group to tellatina and now branching into specialities...she has simply outdone herself. Her drive dedication and courage to standby her goals despite her deep personal loss is a testimony of her being a true woman of substance.! Regarding the app its my dream come true. At a click of a finger u have everything u need to know. My whole house relies on it from the biggest to the smallest queries. Its such a user friendly app and so simply yet brilliantly crafted for anyone to understand. The participants are sensibly curated and are very interactive extending information without hesitation. Chanda and her team need a standing ovation for this iconic first ever in india app. Bringing the world together on a safe and friendly platform to share and learn. More power to u all👍👍👍👍👍
Aneeta Malhotra
I am very happy about Tellatina v informative .MUMBAI group v active n propmt
Suman Singhi
Hi. Friends. I’m Shradha Jindal Jatia. I’ve been a member of Tellatina since a long time. Tellatina is & has been of great help to me & so it continues to be even today. I remember in the summers last year my brother in law was visiting London. He had a sudden tooth ache & wanted to consult some dentists in london Mayfair area. I posted on Tellatina n loo n behold there were multiple information on resources for dentists in london. I really think Tellatina can be of real value in the future. I would take this opportunity to thank as well as congratulate the team at Tellatina for being of such great help. Thanks.
Shradha Jatia
I moved from the US to Mumbai and was in desperate search of a home close to my work! When my mom was visiting for 2 weeks, we saw at least 15 apartments with a broker and didn’t like anything. The day she left, she put up a posting on TellaTina asking if anyone had any leads for homes. The next day, someone responded that they may have an option for me! After seeing so many homes and finding very little luck, I was resistant to go see yet another option, but I figured I might as well check this out too. And within 1 meeting, I knew this setup would work for me and moved in the next week. Thanks to TellaTina I found a home in Mumbai, avoided a brokerage fee and the hassles of typical apartment hunting! It’s an amazing, trustworthy platform that helps us all.
Shivani Bafna
Tellatina has been a trusted lifeline. I am confident of the source because of the screening. It comes as a platform to discuss, share and develop . Congratulations to team Tellatina, looking forward to the new developments.
Pallavi More
It’s incredible what you have at the space of your fingertips. From finding a driver in Dubai to finding a pandit in Lisbon, it’s all here.. and can’t go wrong as it’s from globally like minded people all tried and tested
Manisha Singhee
My experience with tellatina was fantastic ....and informative..... many a times I checked later queries to find my answer ...So I request not to delete any queries .... very helpful in planning my Europe trip and my Kids are studying in USA .... it helped them also through me ....through tellatina ... Had been to standard bar in LA..... in Paris also ...recommendations were very handy ... shopping area
Sangeeta Tosawad
Hi I feel Tellatina is the most amazing and resourceful app.Thenapp not only gives us required is information shared by people with they personal experiences which gives us the confidence to immediately follow or further research making it so simple Am sooo glad to be a part of it Thx Mathili
Mathili Nath
I think TellaTina is the answer to all our queries !!! A fabulous App where you get all the answers from like minded people . Our own private Yellow Pages !!! Wish you grow from power to power !!!
Seema Kejriwal
I really enjoy using the app. It’s extremely informative and accurate and one of the best of its kind! Thank-you Parina Arya
Parina Arya
It’s a fabulous app. I use it very extensively because it gives me lots of unprejudiced information within short span of time. Queries asked and answered by different participants have contributed to a large data base across cities and counties give us an access which is very handy I rely on this app extensively and urge others to do the same
Mini Chadha
So happy to be part of Tellatina as a member. It is so helpful and resourceful. Love it. Never tried other cities though
Ila Kaji


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